Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poll Results, New Poll, and soon to be New guide.

The results of the crafting poll are in! After 574 votes the most popular profession is Outfitter! Here are the results to the crafting poll for anyone who wants to see in the future as I am about to take it off the site now.
1st: Outfitter - 22% (131 votes)
2nd: Armorsmith - 15% (91 votes)
3rd: Apothecary - 15% (90 votes)
4th: Runecrafter - 11% (68 votes)
5th: Weaponsmith - 9% (57 votes)
Last: Artificer - 9% (55 votes)
Other: None - 1% (9 votes)
Other: Gathering Professions - 12% (73 votes)

The next poll will be up in a few minutes so if you are reading this there is probably a new poll up, so vote!

The next guide will be up probably either tonight or tomorrow. I haven't had much time to make the new guide because I've just been generally busy and will be busy again for another week after tomorrow because of work so I'm hoping to get thie guide done tonight or early tomorrow. *Edit* Unfortunately because of work I wont be able to get this guide out till probably early tomorrow, sorry everyone.


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