Friday, February 25, 2011

Understanding the Leaderboards in Rifts!?

I'm so confused! I've been doing rift after rift after rift trying to figure out how to understand the leaderboard system in rifts! So as I make this guide I want you all to know that it is indeed a work in progress and I will be working on it over the next while as I figure out and get more information on the rift leaderboard system. In the meantime I will post a guide of the information that I DO know.

Lets start with the basics, what is a leaderboard? When you close a rift, you get rewards. The rewards are based off of the leaderboard system. How well you do against the other people in the rift is how good of rewards you will get. To open up the leaderboard click this button during a rift, 
It will open a box that looks like this,
Whenever you complete a stage of a rift the leaderboard will be updated and all of the people that helped during that stage will get medals,
The higher your score, the better your rewards. I'll get more into that in a bit though, for now I want to talk about how to get the medals. You get medals by helping during the rift, you have a bar that shows how well you are doing on the side of your screen. The higher you get the bar the better of a medal you will get.
Gold medals are worth about 4000 points
Silver medals are worth about 2000 points
Bronze medals are worth about 1000 points

Sometimes these medals are worth more then these amounts (I'm looking into why) but they are usually worth these amounts.

How does that help though? How many points do I need to get good rewards? This is what confused me for a really long time. You have another bar on the leader board system which we will call the rewards bar and it is what determines your rewards.
When you first join a rift and you have 0 points the bar will look like this,
When you get 2000 points your bar will be updated, in the picture I ended up getting 4000 points though so my bar went from 0/2000 to 2000/4000, if I only got 2000 points by getting a silver medal my bar would have said 0/4000 because the number will reset every time you fill the bar.

If you noticed the picture beside the bar also changed,
This is how you know how well of rewards you will get. It looks just like a bronze medal but I don't want to get to confusing so lets say at the end I will get a bronze reward, which is not very good. We want to keep filling the bar until the picture changes so that at the end of the rift we will get gold rewards. The rewards bar is harder to fill up during major rifts but you can get better prizes in major rifts and there are usually more rounds to fill it up.
Bonus part of the guide: Bonus stages!
Eventually after defeating enough stages of a rift a timer will appear. (Usually around stage three)
If you defeat the stage within that amount of time when you get to stage four there will be another timer. The faster you beat stage three the more time you will have to do stage four.
If you can beat that stage within the amount of time given you will be taken to a bonus stage. The bonus stage is just like a regular stage but it is one last chance to raise your rewards bar for better rewards!
Good luck rifiting! Hope this helped!

Here is a checklist of what I still need to figure out:

-Why people sometimes have purple names, most of the time people have white names and our own names are blue, but why are some people names purple?
- If you can get the bar past gold.

If you have any questions, would like me to add anything to my guide, would like to tell me why people have purple names!, leave a comment in the comment section below. :)
Hopefully this helped, and I'll be adding more to the guide as I figure out more information on the leader board system.



I've been playing like crazy since release, almost level 20 already! I've been playing my defiant character (Miku) on the RP-PVP shard Sunrest, which has been a lot of fun. I really enjoy the guild I have been playing with (Immortal Council) they are great and a lot of fun just to talk to and group with. I plan to make my guardian character on the PvE shard Belmont to play with soon, I've been busy leveling my rogue, trying to get enough information to do this guide, and a few other things so I haven't gotten a chance to yet. Anyways it's time for me to get back to playing Rift! I'm loving this game and I hope all of you guys are also. :)


  1. I'd love to know if it accounts for healing! I worry because I spend my rift battles pretty much casting healing spells, but is the leaderboard only based on damage done?

  2. There are certainly some things here I did not know, but I think the $1 million question is, "How do you get points?"

    Though personally I hate the whole mechanic because it pits teammates against one another, but there it is.

  3. Rane - Shatterbone USFebruary 26, 2011 at 3:09 PM

    Why people sometimes have purple names, most of the time people have white names and our own names are blue, but why are some people names purple?

    from what iv seen i think its because they are in your raid group

  4. I think that you don't get pts for healing the consensus on Faeblight today seems to indicate that you do not. I suggest that all cleric feedback that issue.

    Sigtyr Faeblight

  5. Rane - Shatterbone USFebruary 27, 2011 at 6:52 PM

    After 5 hours testing i have resulets its about effective contribution

    For Example For Dps

    if alot of people are doing aoe attacks if you do aoe attacks you wont get past silver because your *fighting* against all the other aoers for contrubtion points

    SO If you go single targets and just focus 1 mob at a time you will get more contribution points than aoe attacks

    same method for healing (you don't get contrubtion points for healing someone at full hp) so your best method for healing is first try aoe heals if you are not climbing the contrubtion board fast then change to single target heals

    Still need to test Dot damage and dot heals for contribution

  6. Wow, thanks so much Rane! That's awesome, thanks for all of the testing and info on how to climb the board faster. Make sure to come back and tell me how dots and hots work for the contribution also.

    Side note I know something I forgot which I have to add to the guide, but I'll need to go get a screenshot or two before I can do it. =3 Ty again though!

  7. Heals definitely help you on the board. As does using your Planar Lure (2k). Purple as I've seen it is people in your group (not raid).

    Sunn - Estrael

  8. What about bards? Do they get points for all of their buffs?

  9. I have played a bard and yes when you use your motifs it does raise your bar a bit.

  10. Healing definitely contributes. I've been 1st many times healing. It only counts for healing done. If you spam heal someone on full hp you'll get nothing.

  11. Rane - Shatterbone USMarch 3, 2011 at 1:07 PM

    sorry about delay been working on my main

    using a dot increases your contribution bar But the ticking dot damage does not so its best to just use instant damage attacks

    Dot Healing works for both using It for contribution aswell as the ticking healing for contribution

  12. Nice work Miku. Very useful. I've been enjoying the rifts, but didn't really understand the leaderboards. I will definitely be paying more attention now!