Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poll Results!

Here are the poll results for everyones favorite types of rifts and invasions, the poll wasn't as lively as the others have been but then again everyone is probably off playing their characters unlike in beta where we had huge downtimes. There will be a new poll soon, so check back soon if there isn't a new one already up!

What is your favorite type of rifts and invasions?
Air - 15%
Death - 28%
Earth - 7%
Fire - 17%
Life - 14%
Water - 17%
151 total votes

Personally my favorite rifts and invasions are the water ones. Mostly because I love the water blob things they look really awesome.

A new guide is in the works, I'm starting to run out of ideas for new guides and I'm not going to put out some bad useless guide just to have more content on the site. So the guides may be slowing down but you can count on them to be great whenever they do come out.



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