Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Short post about mounts~

Mounts! Mounts! and more Mounts! Everyone wants to run faster, get to quests and back, get from rift to rift as soon as you can, but where can you get them? when? for how much? and how fast?

The first mounts you can get used to be level 20, but with the recent beta they removed the level requirement and you can now get a mount at any level as long as you have enough money. How much money do the mounts cost? (This is a picture of the mount vendor in the main city Meridian for the defiant side. The mount cost the same for both defiants and guardians though.)

The mounts cost 2 plat, 50 gold for the one that requires no level and is 60% speed, 35 plat for the 90% speed one and 125 plat for the 110% speed one.

What do the %'s mean? The cheaper, slower mounts are 60% faster running speed while on the mount, at level 40 you can get 90% speed mounts in your main cities and at level 50 you can get mounts that are 110% faster running speed.

Lastly, where can you get them? Well, they aren't far from the starting zone, they are just a few quest hubs away. The guardian's mount vendor is here, just south of the Argent Glade

The Defiant's mount vendor is here ~
There is also mount vendors in each main city.

Also as a side note, when pre-ordering the collectors edition, on the website it says that it comes with a mount that can be used at level 20, ever since the change towards mounts you can now use that at any level even though on the website it still says that it can be used at level 20.

Hopefully that helps with any mount questions you may have had!



  1. this is either way out of date, or just plain wrong-
    there is a whole other teir of mount available from the main cities

    also add something about the dismounting of different level mounts

  2. Ahh, thanks for pointing this out, I will look into the mounts from the main cities. I didn't think there was any other tier since in the starting zones you can get the level 0 mounts and the level 50 mounts, so why would there be another mount vendor with mounts in the middle? I'll check into it though, thanks for pointing it out.

  3. No level requirements on mounts? Is that system going live? That seems a little odd...

  4. it will have a level requirement when it goes live and they mounts in the cities are different mounts

  5. The first thing I do once the head start is live will be to get to level out of the starting zone and go check out the mount vendors. I will fix this post once I do that. =3 As of beta, there are no level requirements on the slow mounts.

  6. In the main cities you will be able to purchase a Aioyu. 4 different styles. 60% run speed. They look like antelope IMO. Sorry no pics new to forums & screen shoting things. Not sure about lvl requirements on these as I think I was lvl 20+ when I bought mine. Keep up the Excellent work Miku! UR Awesome work is MUCH Appreciated! Ty as always!

  7. The Aioyu, cost the same as the 1st horse. 2p 58g 34s. Sorry I forgot that bit im previous post.

  8. There is a level required to get a mount since you can't get to a mailbox until you finish the start-up instance, making it level 6 or so. I've heard that the higher level mounts don't have as bad an issue with aggroing low-level mobs and getting a one-shot dismount. It's silly that a mob 20 levels below you wouldn't run and hide but would instead be able to knock you off your mount, forcing you to one-shot kill him. Hopefully it gets fixed for lower level mounts too as it doesn't make sense lore-wise and it's very annoying in game. Stupid that's it's almost faster to run somewhere in stealth than have to stop and fight every 10 meters.

  9. A major thing to look at is doing warfronts (battleground) through to level 40. You can get a PVP mount and save yourself 35 platinum. See the Favour QM in either capital city.

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