Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poll Results

This past week on the website there has been a poll on the site to see what you guys thought was the calling that you found most interesting. The results are in and after 433 votes here are the results to the poll.

1st place - Rogue: 33% of the votes (143/433)
2nd place - Cleric: 31% of the votes (138/433)
3rd place - Mage: 20% of the votes (88/433)
Last place - Warrior: 14% of the votes (64/433)

While the rogue calling being in first wasn't suprising what was suprising to me was warrior coming in last place with only 14% of the votes. The numbers are fairly even though which is good. It means every second person we see shouldn't all be the same calling and we shouldn't have to much trouble rolling against each other for equipment.

The next poll will be a crafting poll, I would love to see the numbers on which crafting professions people plan on playing so don't forget to vote when coming to the site!


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