Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting Started~

Read at your own rift! I want to create a blog where I can post on a regular basis about the online game Rift. This first post is just a post to get me started, let me test things and eventually get this blog off the ground. If you haven't played rift yet or want to check it out there will be a link in the bottom of my post to the site. For my getting started post it only makes sense to help people get started on Rift if they don't know how themselves.

At this moment Rift is currently in beta but is fairly easy to get into if you would like to try it out.
There seems to be three ways to get into beta, you can pre-order the game which will give you beta access in all of the remaining beta events, you can get a vip beta key from anyone willing to give you a key, or lastly and possibly the easiest way, you can just sign up for the beta on the website after creating an account. I had a friend sign up for the beta on the website and within ten minutes he had an email with a beta invite. 

I have had people ask me where they can download the client for the beta? After you have been invited to the bet, go to your account management page and there will be a link.

How long will the beta last? and will I get to keep my character when beta is over? 
Each beta seems to last about 4-5 days and from what I've heard there will be one more beta event before the head start launch (If you pre-order the game you can start seven days before people who didn't pre-order it. February 24th.) In a future post I will announce the date of the last beta when I have found it out and how long the beta event will last. As for now, the sixth beta event is from Friday Feb 4th till Monday Feb 7th. That could be changed though so check for updates on the dates, beta 5 was extended one more day and I can see beta 6 being extended an extra day or two seeing as there have been quite a few more bugs in beta 6 then beta 5. Many people have asked will I get to keep my character when beta is over, the answer is no. When the game launches and beta is over you will have to start over from scratch.

I hope this helped some questions you may have had and I hope to see you in game!



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