Sunday, February 6, 2011

Combat Parsing part 2~

Since beta Rift Junkies has released a pretty much brand new version of the combat parser. Because of this I'm re-writing this guide with the new version of the parser. Hope it helps!

The new version of the combat parser, looks better and is way easier to use.
First you have your settings tab.

From here you can turn the overlay on, which is explained more later in the guide. You can hit start parsing which you only need to do once every time you turn on the program. And last there is the new session button. The new session button needs to be pushed whenever you want to reset the data. For instance when you start an instance you don't want to have all of the data from leveling and killing random monsters, you just want it to show the data from and during the instance run.

After that you have the Encounter Stats tab,
I did a water rift so that you guys could see what the encounter tab looks like and with a few different people not just myself. As you can see you can select each individual encounter and look at all of the different information that you collected during that encounter.

After that you have the Session Stats tab,
The Session Stats tab will show you all of the information you have collected since the point where you pushed New Session in the settings tab. It has all of the same information that the Encounter Stats tab has except the Session Stats tab will add it all to give you information over a certain amount of time instead of for each fight.

If you look at the very top of the combat parser you should see Menu and Advanced tabs also. Menu is your generic menu but Advanced has three options that you might want to look at. Get Damage Breakdown, Get Damage Type Breakdown and Get Healing Breakdown. When selected they will open up a pie chart showing you information on your hardest hitting abilities, etc. (In the picture I'm using a picture from the old parser because it hasn't changed.)

All of this information from the combat parser is great but you probably don't want to have to minimize your game to look at stats after each pull or spend 15-20 minutes after the instance scrolling through the logs to see how much damage you did on what bosses. Thats what the overlay is for, unfortunately though it only seems to work with windowed or windowed full screen settings at the moment so if you are a full screen player like me :'( you will have to change your window mode settings in Rift when you want to use the program. It works great though and I love it. Just turn overlay on and this is what it should look like in game. (Again another old picture because it has barely changed though it has changed a little. It now shows damage done and dps at the same time.)

Hopefully that will help you with anything you could have wanted to know about the combat parser! Now I am off to fix up other parts of my older guides to make them more current with the changes since beta.

See you in game!


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