Thursday, February 10, 2011

Changes to the site~

Over the next couple of days I will be spending most of my time doing changes to the blog to spice it up a bit, it has gotten more popular then I would have thought in such a short time and is looking a little too bland since I do plan to keep putting up guides and more. Thank you all for reading the blog posts and I hope you will keep checking back in the future for when I release more in-depth, screenshot filled guides. For now though I can't get any screenshots until beta is back up and I don't want to be releasing any lazy guides with little to no actual useful information. So again thank you all for reading my guides and I hope you keep checking back for more future updates. 

If you don't like how it looks leave a comment in this post as to what you don't like about it so that maybe I can make it appeal to more people =)


Side note~ I added a way to contact me in my profile. I also want to say sorry to all of those people who were viewing the site as I was making my changes.

1 comment:

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